Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is my blog too Orange? o.O

Heya ^^...Gave my blog a makeover.
I mean, Autumn's long gone, and now, winter can be felt EVEN here in Vijayawada. It's actually getting cold and I'm getting to wear hoodies and scarves and stuff again :D :D. I never thought that I would, here atleast. It's just waaaaaayy too hot for that. I mean, it was 40 degrees outside earlier this month :O!!
That's just plain wrong o.O.
Oh oh oh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm going home today ^^ :D !!!
Yeah, I know. I just get back to college (the new term started on 18th), and I'm off again in a week?? The hell?? o.O
But I want to be home for Christmas and New Year. It'll be so depressing spending New Year in hostel -.-. I mean, we've an 8:00PM curfew, for god's sake!!! Imagine counting down to 2012 in your room in hostel,instead of out on the street with everyone else...
It's frustrating just thinking about it >.<.
So I'm kinda happy to be going back to the Gulf :).
And plus, I'll get to see my parents and sister again ^^. And sleep in my own bed for a whole week. Meet up with old friends and classmates, attend sleepovers, go hang oyt at malls I've known since forever, eat home food again...
Aaah ^^. *at peace with the world*
Oh, and we're having a HUGE Christmas party :D. Like a whole lot of my batchmates and I. Which means a whole lot of ex-12th-graders from most of the schools back home. It's gonna be AWESOME :D \m/
The only regret I have is not being able to be with my new friends for Christmas and New Year this time. They're all organizing a trip to Pondicherry for the new year... And I really REALLY wanna go... But at the same time, I wanna go home too...
Ah well, I guess you can't get everything you want, huh? :/
Anyway, I just wanna wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :). I hope you guys have a great time ^^.
And to all my college friends....I freaking love you guys and I'll really miss you :(. See ya soon! xoxoxo

Song on my mind: Cry Cry - T-Ara. It's really DIFFERENT K-pop.... Really nice vocals too :). Oh and the music video is awesome :O.

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