Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just a month to go...

Aaaand it has been a VERY hectic time since I last posted... I am so sleep deprived and hungry right now, I think I'm gonna cry. There are bags under my eyes. FREAKING PURPLE BAGS!!!
It's the last month of drudgery before college closes for the summer vacations. I'm not very sure what to feel about summer...I'm going home to my parents and sister and I am really Really REALLY looking forward to that.... BUT I also will miss the people here. Life's gonna feel a little empty without this nutcase bunch around me, I guess :/
What kinda sucks is that they'll all be here in India while I'll be back home...Across the Arabian Sea...On familiar Desert Sand again...
Seriously. WHO the HELL goes to Kuwait in the SUMMER?!?! o.O
It goes up to about 50 freaking degrees there! (okay, maybe we have AC./..but it's not like I wanna be stuck home for two months -.-).
My sister's school doesn't close until the end of July so THAT's when I'll get to come back to India :/.
So anyway, a lot of stuff has happened.
For starters, I, like the careless twit I am, LOST. MY. IPOD.
I know. I could kill myself. Really.
So i was thinking,this summer, I could try and intern somewhere or get a job online or something to try and earn some dough for a new one :D. Keep your fingers crossed for me. An iPod-less life is a depressing life :'(.
Then we had our college annual day a few weeks ago. College was awesome the week before the show :D. There were either no classes or if there were, we bunked :P and we got to Jam EVERY day for hours and hours practicing. I was singing for the group song, We Are The World. The cool original version....
And then I was on keyboard for two songs, Viva La Vida-Coldplay and Stop- Buffalo Springfield.

There were four other fourth-year seniors of mine performing with me. (Kinda scary to be the only junior, especially when you're the one making all the mistakes ^^")
Stop was such an awesome song. It sounded SOOOO good! o.O
And we got Viva down after a little practice. I needed the practice.... I've never performed onstage on keys before. Sure, I've sung. And Danced. And done some other stuff. But NEVER played in a band before.
It was AWESOME. :D
Our performances got cancelled on the day of the show. The program went on for to long and it got too late. The police came for some reason and in the end, we didn't get to play at all.
I was so nervous the whole day, imagining a lot of stuff about messing up on stage and whatnot...
But messing up on stage and not getting to play at all are two different cases. I'd rather have messed up, to be honest.

This is me on Annual day. A friend was trying to get me to smile and show off my new braces so that he could take a pic but I wasn't gonna let that happen, right?
But just to make him happy, I revealed my metal teeth for maybe 0.3 seconds and he managed to take this -.-.
Damn him and his timing.
I let it slide this time. I kinda like the pic ^^" :P
Oh yeah...I got braces.
Again -.-.
And I'll have them for a year.
And I'll have to pull out two teeth.
Hmmm... Apart from that, we've just been our usual retarded selves. Same old crazy stuff with friends...but it never gets old. We surprise ourselves sometimes :P. We've also been having an overload of submissions lately. Exams coming up. i've passed in most but only just. My marks are going way way way way way down the drain as compared to my 12th grade marks. And my mom is sure as hell not gonna be happy with that :/...
Okay, I gotta go. Blogging from the college computer. The bus is probably here, so later!
Song on my mind:Viva La Vida-Coldplay... That song has been haunting me ever since Annual day. I just wish I'd gotten to play it :'(

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