Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's been AGES and AGES, yeah?
I have been flooded with work and I STILL am, despite staying up till 4 AM for the past two days. I am currently a sleep-deprived zombie with vegetable mush for brains -.-
It's that bad >.<
So what' been up?
I'm on my college magazine graphics team ^^!! Yay!! :D But it also means a LOT of work :/. I mean, I don't mind, cos Photoshop is work I LIKE. only problem is, it's kinda getting in the way of college work too :(.
And MAN, do we have a lt of college work >.<
Our professors are just coming across as sadistic these days -.-.
Worst part is, I missed three days of college, so I've got all that work to catch up on AND this magazine work. SO yeah, not too much time to breathe these days :(
I've been in a really bad mood these last few days, and I'm not even really sure why. It just feels like random things that people do, which wouldn't normally affect me, are getting my hackles up :S. And it's irritating because it's not worth getting all emotionally exhausted over nothing, yeah?
And we have even more submissions coming up so there'll be no experiencing peaceful sleep for atleast three more days. By which time, I'd have turned positively rabid -.-
*Sigh* Oh well... I guess it's all part of college life. I'll sit through it, but it doesn't mean I won't whine and whinge and mutter darkly under my breath.
Okay, I'm starving now. I've eaten last almost a day ago. Was too caught up with work to take care of food :P. I'll catch all of you later?
Song on my mind:  Headlight-Monkey Magik

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