Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So yeah, I realised that apart from putting up photoshop edited pics, I haven't been doing much posting. And I apologise. I have got maybe a grand total of 32 hours of sleep in the last one week. It's been a bit crazy with submissions and stuff. Architecture is getting harder and harder :/
But now, I've got 9 days to breathe. I'm in Chennai for the Dussera break and instead of the usual boiling hot weather, we've got rain and mud and blaughness everywhere >.<.
I'm not much of a cold weather person, as you may have guessed -.-
So yeah, it's the holidays, but here in Chennai, I'm an outsider and not allowed to go out on my own, since I don't know the place and stuff...
But I STILL do and it's awesome :P
Nothing like getting lost by yourself in a place you don't know, where you can't even speak the local language to help you learn your way around ;)
And it's cool because I'm travelling in buses and share autos on my own (auto men in Chennai LOOT you -.-), feeling all independent and grown up, even though I'm not :P
Oh and I started drawing again ^^!!
Man, it's been a while since I did some decent sketching. Main reason being I used up my drawing book and gave it away to my little sister for her birthday, which was waaaay back in September. And I bought a new one just recently.
So i'll be posting some new sketches soon ^^
But MAN, I'm rusty :/... Just seeing the standard of my drawing now, compared to when I used to sketch regularly kinda depresses me :/
Gotta work on that :)
Song on my mind:Intuition-CN Blue :)

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