Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am incredibly upset.
It was my birthday a few days ago, on the 9th of Feb, to be precise. And so I guess I'm now (finally) seventeen ....just a year to go before I can kiss being a teenager goodbye:P. I wonder why they call eighteen adult when both eighteen AND nineteen end with 'teen' ....doesn't that mean we're in our teens tll we turn twenty?
Okay, sorry, I got a little sidetracked there...i
So as I was saying, I am incredibly upset. I make it a point to always get my friends something for their birthdays. ALWAYS. Mainly to the people I'm really close to. I've given away a bunch of stuff this year, for birthdays, Christmas, and for no reason whatsoever. But I was very disappointed on MY birthday, when I didn't get a SINGLE gift. I mean, SERIOUSLY...
I know I've been in this school less than 9 months... and I may not know my classmates and new friends very well, but no gifts at all? Now THAT'S depressing....
Which would explain why I've been in such a foul mood lately. Okay so my parents gave me 17 bucks and my aunt and uncle another 10 which brings my Birthday gift grand total to 27 bucks, 5 of which I spent buying birthday gifts for a couple of friends who are also having their birthdays this month.
Now, I'm wondering if that was a good idea. You know, not getting ANYTHING from your friends for you're seventeenth birthday kinda makes you have second thoughts about being selfless and generous with YOUR birthday cash.... Lucy, a friend of mine, actually got an iPhone. AN IPHONE, for crying out loud?! I"d be happy to get something a lot... less cooler than that :(. Cue incredible jealousy -.-.
And this feeling will not be going anywhere for a while....-.-
But then a friend DID get me a pair of headphones which was something I needed and wanted^^ ... so a BIG 'THANK YOU' to George, who is currently my new favourite human being (albeit one I'm always threatening and plotting to kill :. Our mindless banter is fun^^) for being the ONLY person who got me a birthday gift. Thanks,man^^!!

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  1. okay in our defence.......we had our models goin on..........cut us some slack alright!!!...i swear to the lord i was planing to get u somethin after bords!!!!....i ve lots of gift to give away to a lotta people1!!!!! me...u'll get yours...:D