Friday, February 18, 2011

I am so SICK of always Always ALWAYS having to study. It's driving me up the wall. YES, I KNOW the most important exam of my life is coming up in two weeks but that does not mean I have magically transformed into a mindless robot who can study 24/7 and has no other needs at all. I NEED to be allowed to breathe peacefully occasionally, allowed to do what I want during my breaks, and allowed to do what I want without having to fear yet another lecture on Time Consciousness and Board Exams. I mean, Seriously? Lay OFF, people!!!
I have a splitting headache after four frickin days of continuous physics. My physics guide could be used as an assault weapon. Seriously. I don't get the POINT of having to study all this crap. What if I choose to open a nail salon? Would I need to know what the formula for impedance of an LCR circuit is?
No. No, I wouldn't...-.-
I am so incredibly pissed at the moment.

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