Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The biggest exams of my LIFE are over....and I feel so happy it almost seems illegal. Seriously.
This last year has been so crazy...
I mean, it hasn't been 'STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!' right from the beginning... the pressure rose towards the end, actually. Sorta like a tsunami...we barely saw it on the horizon at the beginning of the year, and we didn't realise it was practically on top of us until a week before the boards started. Then it crashed down on our heads, almost drowning us and we struggled to breathe, and prayed we'd survive....
And now it's over.... (^^).... and we're drying off.
Kinda weird analogy, but it's how I saw the boards. And I'm a weird person, i guess ^^".
And I'm going to go CRAZY this next week doing AAAAAAAALL the things I was not allowed to do in the last whole year....I even made a list ^^(I'm a very 'make-lists' kinda person.... owing mainly to my HORRIBLE memory. I mean, my sister thinks I have early Alzheimers, for crying out loud!).
And the next thing on my list is to have a tub bath (accompanied by good book and box of chocolates), till I'm as shrivelled as a raisin ^^.
Ahhh, I've never been happier ^^. Life is lookin' up, baby!
Peace :*

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