Thursday, March 31, 2011 feels simply AMAZING to be home^^....
Okay, maybe not home as such, but in my home country atleast.
So anyhoo, here I am in Chennai. It's so HUMID here....I mean, I can handle heat, no problem, but HUMIDITY is just...IRRITATING. But my hair looked so cute on the plane...and I stepped out of the Chennai airport and BAM!
Instant frizz...-.-
I went from Pantene Pro-V to Electrocuted in like 2 seconds....-.-
Yeah, so I'm gonna be attending coaching classes for college here for the next 2 months or something, which basically means 4 hours of art classes a day. I'm not complaining ^^...I LIVE for art^^. I'm probably going to be taking up architecture...but if that doesn't work out, then I'm considering linguistic studies.
But you know, when I look at it, there are a lot of downsides to me living in chennai....for starters, the weather is atrocious, I can't read, write or speak Tamil (which basically makes me illiterate here), I have no clue about where I live, and don't know my way at ALL...etc. etc.
Despite ALL that (and more), I still feel strangely at home in Chennai, even though I have spent a total of less than one month here. And the bookshops are TO DIE for!
We went bookshopping today^^.... and bought like, 14 books. My mom wasn't for buying the 7th part of Maximum Ride, since it was expensive and all, but my sis bought it for me in the end^^. I LOVE you, Sonu ^^!
Oh and another thing I love is cold Orange tang, Seriously, I would KILL for a glass right now....but it's so hot and the power's gone(Ahhh, India...-.-) and I'm just too lazy to walk ALL the way to the kitchen to get it...
Maybe if I make gasping noises, someone will feel sorry and offer to bring me some?
Yeeeeah,maybe not.
Heat, heat go away....don't come back another day....XP
(A hot, sweaty, tired and grumpy)Maya

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