Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm late again...

Okay, I've been re-writing this entry over and over again, for a whole month now, because I was unable to come up with anything 'worth' writing about...
It's not the 11th of november anymore, it's the 16th of December -.-
It's not that nothing's happened. It's just that I've lost touch with writing (or typing or whatever... )... And I have nothing much to say anymore. Things are happening WAAAYY too fast for me to put them down. The last four months have been a blur...I barely remember what happened in between the first week of college and the last few days of the semester...
It's been CRAZY.
But now, the year's ending, and I'm making an EARLY New Year's Resolution *Clears throat*...
I, Maya, solemnly swear upon everything I hold sacred and holy, that I will KEEP MY BLOG UPDATED REGULARLY so that it will serve as a diary, an album, a holder of cherished memories and relics of forgotten, yet treasured moments....
Anyhoo, I think this is the second time I'm making the SAME resolution -.-. I'm pathetic, REALLY. I mean, to have to make the same resolution TWICE? Not good... :/
It's almost Christmas though...and I'll be flying back to the gulf to spend time with my family :). REALLY looking forward to that. It's true that living on your own in hostel is pretty awesome in some ways....But there's nothing I miss more being with my family. It's almost freaky how much more I appreciate hot baths, home-cooked food and the washing machine now o.O

Also, I am now 1/10th an architect, having successfully completed a whole semester without suffering any sort of mental breakdown ^^. Nor did I get my stress-busting homicidal tendencies get the better of me. All my batchmates are alive and well :P And on the plus side, I've lost 9 kilos :D 4 months!! :D
Anyway, I'll continue this later.... I gotta go help my aunt with lunch ^^.
Merry Christmas to all!!
Song on my mind: Nemo-Nightwish... It's kinda Evanescence-ish :P

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  1. finalyy!!.........^^...i missed reading your entries!:D