Saturday, September 3, 2011


Okay.... I've been absent from my for SO long, I think it's become home to many many cyber spiders...o.O. I feel guilty, but it's been so crazy with college and stuff that I couldn't find time to post ANYTHING. I never knew architecture was such an exhausting course....:/
And by exhausting, I mean sleepless nights, barely time to eat, loads and loads and loads of work....The WHOLE shebang -.-.
Oh and happy day, I ACTUALLY GOT into a college....:P I know I was doing some MAJOR freaking out about that issue but all's cool now ^^. There was some MAJOR stress when I had to switch colleges TWICE (-.-) and stuff...but it's all worked out now and I'm working on settling down. :)
My friends here are awesome. There are awesome people EVERYWHERE I go....and it was really hard to keep shifting colleges. I miss the friends I made in delhi, and it kinda pisses me off that I can't find time to keep in touch with them or my friends from Kuwait :/.
It's hard to post about everything that has happened since college opened. There's been too much happening WAY too fast. I'm okay, still the same, I guess... Lost a bit of weight (woot!! :D) and tanned a hell lot. Am like three shades darker now, and mom's not happy about it.
Hostel was awesome fun in the beginning but these days it's so suffocating there :/. I'm seriously considering running away -.-. Like seriously. A few friends and I even discussed about getting a hotel room for one night. We could stay out the WHOLE night, no curfew, no rules :D...and lay the town to waste :P.
Right now, I'm concentrating on making up for the three weeks I'd missed here when i was in Delhi. It's freaking hard work. Oh oh oh AAAAAAAAAAAND I'm learning drums in college... :) It's awesome fun. Me and Chao, a third year senior bestie have decided we'll practice everyday during the lunch breaks... Till we're as awesome as that XD \m/.

The only other thing that I gotta worry about is the end-of-semester jury coming up. I'm shit scared and so freaking unprepared >.<.... And I can't even call home or whinge about it to my parents or my sister cos I have no sim card. Which means no calls, no ANYTHING. I am CUT OFF from the outside world. And MAN it sucks -.-...
Okay, CALLS, I can do without...but NO TEXTING? That's just cruel...:/...
Okay, Jaane! Class in an hour...Gotta to get ready.
Will TRY to post more regularly from now on ^^.
Song on my mind: Boston-Augustana <3

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