Friday, July 29, 2011

Catching Up...

Okay, so the college thing has been sorted out. Sort of...

I'm STILL not sure where I'm going though, but I guess I'll know in a few days. However, I DO know where I WANT to go: Mumbai. But let's see if my opinion is taken into consideration this time... -.-

But I'll scrap that topic. It gets boring to rant about something all the time. What happens happens, I guess...

So moving on, I found out there's this whole street FULL of shops, just a 10 minute walk or so from my place. So we sent the WHOLE of yesterday there and I FINALLY bought a bag, something I really REALLY needed. I’m not very comfortable carrying my wallet in my hand, considering my attention span, and tendency to be unbelievably irresponsible. My dad and I also went nuts book-shopping, but then, we always do :P, much to my mom's irritation. "We don't NEED any more books !!!" she says.


You're funny, Mama :P....

And then, I've discovered....MAGAZINES. Am I a little late ^^" ? They're cheaper than books, which I can't usually afford to splurge on. And magazines have SOOOO many pictures I can try and draw so yeah.... I bought a Femina (more for the pictures than the writing), and a photography magazine, since I've recently become pretty interested in the subject. I like them :). Magazines are nothing on books though.... :/

Oh and I also met up with a couple of friends the other day and man, was it good to see those faces again :). We hung out at the mall for a few hours. It was a….memorable *ahem* experience. Oh oh oh AND we had Baskin Robins ice-cream…^^

Can you say MMMMMMMMMMM…..? :P

And we went bowling (I sucked -.-) and shopping and just chatted about old times and went crazy. It was incredible fun :).

Now, there's nothing for me to do at home 'cos my sister has gone off to spend a few days in Chennai with our cousins but I couldn't go since I'll be setting off to college by the 4th or summat. So yeah, I won't be seeing her for almost SIX MONTHS....>.<

NOT cool, in my opinion. I don't think I'll find too many people who can put up with me like she does. But then, maybe I depend on her to much? Will have to think that out....

And it KEEPS raining here. Yesterday, there was this freak storm with thunder so loud it sounded like the building was collapsing and scary lightning and heavy HEAVY rain. For a moment I thought the place would flood... :S But all's cool now. Apart from the frequent showers, the weather here's pretty nice :).

That's all that has happened so far, so I'll post some more later, 'kay?



P.S: Did you like the new blog header? I drew it myself a few months ago. I know the perspectives wrong, but I'm scared to change it, in case the picture get's spoilt ^^".

Song on my mind: Love Song-Big Bang... More K-Pop :P

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