Monday, July 11, 2011

College Trouble :/

Okay, I am FREAKED. I (unlike almost ALL my friends) have STILL not got into a college yet. And the uncertainty is KILLING me >.< !!!
And you know what's the worst part? I keep feeling like what I've done so far to get in isn't good enough. And the thing is, I'm sure I have done my best. So I'm a little messed up in my head right now :/...
I'm just worried that I'll have to take a year off and study so that I'll get a better rank in my entrances next year. I do NOT want to take a year off. The thing is, I don't really MIND taking a year off, 'cos it'll mean more time to do a lot of things I've wanted to do but never really had the time for, you know? I'd (LIST TIME !!! ^^) :-

1. Take a language diploma course or something. Probably Japanese. It'll make watching anime SO much easier :P.

2. Or maybe an arts course? I could build up a portfolio, maybe do some more oil paintings. I've done three so far and it's a LOT of fun :D.

3. I wanna go on vacation >:D ... Somewhere warm ('cos I REALLY don't do cold. Or wet. Though I've always ALWAYS wanted to see snow. I mean, it looks SO pretty :). And fun.). I was thinking of pestering my dad till he took me to the US. He's been saying it for years now, but so far, NOTHING'S HAPPENED -.-.

4. Spend time with my sis >:). Plotting world domination, playing ninja, driving our parents up the wall with our oh-so-hilarious jokes and incredible wit :P, messing up the kitchen but simultaneously ending up with a decent batch of brownies (all of which would have disappeared by the next day. We make good brownies, if I DO say so myself ^^).
You know....What sisters usually do :P.

And I'll think up some more later.
But you know, when I think of all my friends in college, it makes me feel really horrible. "Cos not only are most of the doing a four-year engineering course, but all of them will be starting a year before me (if I don't get in anywhere, that is...). And then, there's me...who'll be doing a FIVE-year course and, on top of all that, starting a year later than all of them.
Which means 'll be graduating a whole two years after all my friends.
I know you're not generally supposed to look at it this way, but I can't help it :/.
So yeah, there are a bunch of pros and cons about taking a year off....So I'll have to think about it, and keep my fingers crossed for the best, I guess....

Keep yours crossed for me too, okay? Please? :)

P.S: Oh oh oh!!! I'm getting my ears pierced again \m/. I'm thinking of getting two extra holes in my left ear, and just one in my right. So in the end, I'll have three holes in my left ear and two in my right. And I can wear a bunch of rings in all of them. And get an eyepatch. And a red bandanna with white polka-dots. And a talking parrot. And a wooden leg. And a ship with the Jolly Roger. And a weird pirate-y accent. And a bottle of rum :P.

Song on my mind: Keelhaul-Alestorm ;)

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