Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Punk-Indian Me :P

I got my ears pierced !!!! ^_^ :D \m/
My dad took me and my sister to the gold shop yesterday to get it done. He was pretty cool about the whole thing. I scrapped the whole three holes on one ear and two holes on the other idea. I've just got two holes on each ear now, and MAN, it looks hot :D!!! I got these totally cool silver studs which I am in LOVE with. And I also bought these adorable crocodile earrings. Check it out :D

And yeah, people say that it doesn't hurt and stuff, but it DOES. Not TOO much that it's unbearable...but sorta like a sharp stab that dies down to a uncomfortable throbbing. Apparently I gotta keep the stud on for around ten days till the hole heals. It was kinda hard to sleep last night 'cos my ear felt all sore and tender. It doesn't hurt anymore but it does if you touch the stud or anywhere around it. My sister got one too, making her the only girl in her class with TWO piercings in her ear. She chose a gold stud with a blue stone. Looks real cool, but at the same time, VERY Indian ^^.

The three of us had originally gone out shopping but ended up getting the holes at the gold shop near the mall. My mom had allowed both of us to get the holes a few days ago but the trip hadn't worked out then. And so we thought we'd go home and surprise her.
And man, was she surprised. And kinda pissed that we hadn't called her and asked her. She freaked out for five minutes, and then calmed down :P. She's so cute :P.
Thank you, Mama. And you too, Dad ^^. For being such cool parents :P.

Also, I've put henna on for the first time in maybe six years. Looks really good, even if I DO say so myself :P. Messed around on my sister's hands too. I gave her this cool glove like thingy. This one is the design on MY hand.

So with the henna and the ear-piercing, it's a mix of Punk and Indian. And I'm liking it ^^.
Oh and I put up the fashion sketches on the Art Blog. Check them out, ad temme what you think, 'kay?
Song on my mind: Truly Madly Deeply-Savage Garden :)

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