Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yeah, so I might not go to college this year. Joy -.-.
I STILL haven't got in anywhere, but then the next AIEEE list is out tomorrow. Let's just all keep our fingers, toes and eyes crossed for me, okay? Please?
(Oh and please note that any accidents caused by people walking around with their eyes crossed are by NO account MY fault :) )
So yeah, I might take a year off and do Visual Communications Or a language course for a year. I'll have to go for coaching too, though, since I'll be trying for a better AIEEE rank next year. So all I can do now is pray, I guess. But the thing is, I'm not too keen to even GO to college this year. The only ones I'll get into are ones I didn't want to go to. The one college I REALLY wanted to go to was Manipal University, and I'm not going there so it's taken the fun out of GOING to college really. It just seems like another chore, you know? And the worst part is, giving up Manipal was not even my choice. I wasn't GIVEN a choice. And that's INCREDIBLY unfair, considering I'M the one going to college >.<.
Also, ALL my friends have got in so it makes me feel horribly alone when I read all their college-related blog posts or facebook statuses. And sometimes I get so frustrated, I just want to scream and punch things and break things. But you can't do that kinda thing here. It's too much of a scene. Keeping quiet can be a real pain sometimes.
It's just not fair...>.<
Song: Money-Pink Floyd

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