Monday, July 4, 2011

Fanfiction Overload.....KEEP IT COMING \m/ !!! :D

I. Am. VERY. Bored.
SO I've been going nuts re-reading all these cool Naruto fanfics by all my favourite authors. Some of them REALLY give me a complex about my writing -.-. I mean, I KNOW there are good writers out there but is it REALLY necessary to traumatize me into giving up the idea of being an author THIS early on?
Does anyone know any funny authors who write good Naruto fanfiction? Who preferably have good grammar too? ^^"
Here are some of my favourites
1. :firefly... Drop-Dead-HILARIOUS fanfics :P
2. Iruka-Kakashi NON-YAOI fanfics :). You don't find many of those around.
3. Army Knife.... More Iruka fanfics :). I love Iruka ^^... He's so cute, both outside and inside.
4. Hilarious and Awesome fanfics, mainly centered around the adults.... It's a nice change :)
5. Taryn Streambattle.... Another AWESOME author.
If you know any more good Naruto fanfic authors....Please drop me a line? Pretty please? :)
Oh yeah, and Song on my mind: Awake and Alive-Skillet :)

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  1. Hi Maya,

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! I stumbled across this post by experimentally googling my pen-name to see what showed up. I was really surprised and am very appreciative.

    As for being traumatized- good readers make good writers, I've found. :) So the more you expose yourself to quality literature (not that I consider my works anything close to quality literature) then the better prepared you will be. Writing is skill that can and should be constantly developed.

    You have some great fanfic writers listed there. Some of my recommended authors on
    chibi heishi

    Also, you could check my favorite stories page on my profile. There are a bunch of Star Wars fics, but I think the majority are Naruto (and mainly Iruka) stories.

    Warm Regards,