Saturday, July 16, 2011

Okay, this post will be about NOTHING :). I like posts about nothing, you know? It's kinda interesting to see what people do or think about when they have a lot of free time on their hands. There's that saying about the idle mind being the devil's workshop and whatnot, but I don't buy that. And idle mind can come up with some VERY interesting (and entertaining) stuff sometimes ;).
So me and my sister (put the donkey last, heh heh :P) were looking up Naruto fan art, just for kicks, and I came across this.

I fell in love with this 'cos I'm all about the music ;). And ninjas (specifically Naruto shinobi :P).
It took me a while to figure out that the dude with the flute was Shikamaru....I mean, you don't really see him with his hair down much...

Okay...Moving on....
I REALLY have nothing much to say :/. I've been doing the whole movie marathon thing with two of my cousins and my sister. Old movies though. Like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Step Up 1, Step Up 2, Bambi( DON'T LAUGH -.-. I grew up with that movie so it's VERY special to me. Brings back a lot of memories :) and some others. I was a real Disney Baby growing up :).
And then I've been drawing. I gave fashion designing a try actually, 'cos EVERYONE who sees my sketches all go, "Are you doing Fashion Designing o.O?"
So I figured, I'd just give it a shot, I guess. Just for kicks. (That expression is stuck in my head. Bear with me :P.)
I'll upload some of the sketches later, 'kay?
Oh and speaking of sketches, I uploaded some more on the art blog. Check it out and temme what you think? :)
Song on my mind: My Immortal- Evanescence. LOVE it :)

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