Monday, February 27, 2012

Things are working out ^^

I'm in class, bunking LUNCH (of all periods -.-) under the pretext of trying to get some work done.
And here I am, BLOGGING.
Anyway, I DID promise I would try and blog regularly right? (several times, if I remember right :/)
So here I am.
I think views on my page have gone down quite a bit. I've not updated for a while now. 'Cos there's just no bloody time -.-. I'm losing weight and sleep. I don't mind the former so much, but the sleep part? Yeeeah, I'm not too happy about that.
So anyway, We JUST had our Freshers Party and it wasn't too bad :). Had a lotta fun back in hostel too.
Me and Varsha

Back in hostel ^^

At The Freshers

Yeah, These are my girls and I love Love LOVE them :* :* :*.
(I'm the one in green btw :P)
It was awesome fun. Because I was with THEM.
Then I've done some sketching, random stuff. I'll be helping paint the walls of my college so if anyone out there has any interesting ideas for wall paintings, PLEASE let me know in your comments :).
This is one of my most recent sketches (and I'm VERY proud of it :P ^^")

Archers <3
:D Lemme know what you people think :).
And yes, I AM begging for comments. Or maybe even a little tick in those opinion boxes below each post. It would mean a lot to me :).
Okay, I gtg now. Class starting soon, and I REALLY gotta get started on drafting my sheet.
Song on my mind: Last of me-Cher. In-CREDIBLE vocals :).It's from Burlesque, my new favourite movie :P

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