Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yo. It's been AGES.
Almost a month, in fact.
So yeah, I've made a draft of this post so many times i lost count. There's actually not much to say. But here's what's happened so far.
1. I made it through my first year of college. Alive.
2. I got an internship job here at home, working under a Polish architect. I'm not gonna be paid ( boo hoo :'( )....but it's good experience anyway ^^. It's kinda sad about the no pay thing though. The real reason I wanted a job in the first place was so that I could make some money and buy myself a new iPod, since I lost mine in college (I've kicked myself mentally SO many times after that for being a careless ass -.-).
3. I went into some shopping frenzy and bought myself a WHOLE new wardrobe. I mean, i DID lose 11 kilos so all my old clothes were loose for me. And it feels awesome to actually go shopping and find clothes that fit you :). The only down side is that all my jeans are loose for me now cos I've gone down maybe 4-5 inches around my waist.
Ah well.... I guess I can always buy new jeans too :D
4.College opening got postponed
*Something inside me DIES*
I want to go back to college :'(
I miss my friends.
Okay, I know this has been the LAMEST post so far...But I really have nothing much to say. Things have just...STOPPED HAPPENING ever since college closed for the summer :/. I might not be updating too often, considering I have absolutely NOTHING of interest to say. But I will when I will, okay?
Song on my mind:Set Fire to the Rain- Adele

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