Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've been messing around on Adobe Photoshop 7 a lot these days... And I gotta say, I'm getting pretty good at it, even if I DO say so meself :P. I mainly experiment at when I'm at work, heh heh ^^".

This is a photoshopped, and cropped pic of me at our college annual day.
Photography credits to Shamik ^^.
 These are some of my sketches which I've messed around with on Photoshop :). The last one is my favourite ^^. Tell me what you think? (P.S:I'm VERY new to Photoshop, so advice and criticism will be appreciated ^^)

Candy ^^

Dance Dance- Fall Out Boy <3

Butterflies :)
Song on my mind: Hungarian Sonata- Richard Clayderman...my sis has been playing it on the piano for the whole of last week....and now it's STUCK in my head -.-

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