Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey :)... Been a are some more of my sketches which I've photoshopped...Getting slightly better at it I hope :).
Tell me what you guys think...and criticism and advice would be appreciated :).
Emo-ness :P

My friend, Chao...whom i photoshopped...she was actually wearing emo make-up...we were just messing around :P

I sketched the girl from one of those hair magazines you find in salons...i left the lines from the notebook paper still on her :P

I just have a thing for that shade of pink that her hair is. :P

Watermelon  ^^

And this is taken in Jan when i was on vacation in Delhi...

Song on my mind: Something's got a hold on me-Christina Aguilera (it's a soundtrack from the movie, Burlesque which I've watched maybe....8 times? :P)  

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