Sunday, June 17, 2012

First EVER Payday :D

So yeah, I told you guys about this internship I was doing, yeah? The one I thought I was doing for free and 'for the experience' as my dad put it?
Well in the end I DIDN'T end up doing it for free.
And a LOT more than I'd ever thought I'd get for going to the office and goofing off for a whole month :O.
And with one third of the cash I got, I managed to buy a brand new iPod touch.

My baby <3

(The rest of the money goes to my parents as my first salary ^^).
But it sure feels awesome buying things with your own money. And the new iPod is a dream ^_^....
(I'm addicted to this game I downloaded on it called Temple Run ^^")
And yes, I am completely in LOVE with my new iPod...
However, as for it's name, I'm debating between iHop and bunnyPod.
Here's why...
iHop / bunnyPod

My little sister convinced me to get it.
Every time I look at it, I go 'What was I THINKING? :O' in my head. But at the end of the day, it's still so darn cute :P.
So which one? iHop or bunnyPod?
By the way, my final first year results are out on Wednesday and I'm really freaked. I'm praying I don't get a  supplementary paper :/. Keep your fingers crossed for me :S!!
Peace ;)
Song on my mind: Angels on Billboards-Declan McGary :) It's got nice lyrics...

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