Friday, June 22, 2012


This is a 1st year Architectural design project we had to do. We were supposed to use 50 words that came to mind when we thought of the word TRANSITION to make a picture. Sure mine is (again) Anime-related but what the heck...
It works for me ^^

Sorry, I"m not posting too often. Things have been a little crazy at home, We're leaving to India on the 22nd evening :D and we'll be in Cochin on 23rd morning \m/....
And after four days there, we'll be touring south India. ^^.
Oh also, this summer we're having a graduation party for me and three other cousins of mine who've all passed out of school and will be starting college this year too. It's been a while since the whole family got together. It'll be nice to see everyone again :).
But I'm really really looking forward to going back to college... :)
It'll be great to see everyone again. Man, I've missed those nutjobs :P.
So anyway, I'll post again from India when I can. We don't have a net connection over there so the posts will be far and few until I get to college, at least.
Oh and my results are STILL not out yet -.-.
The professors at our college have been postponing it and postponing in and I've had four sleepless nights already >.<. I'm really sick of waiting for them. I just want to know if I've passed and get it over with -.-
I''ll post again soon <3
Song on my mind: The Pretender- Foo Fighters

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