Monday, July 30, 2012

Back again...

And wow, it's been a while.
And so so so SO much has happened, I don't know where to start.
For starters, my summer vacation is over. It started out really (REALLY) boring, to the point where I was practically dying to get back to college. But it ended up being one of the best vacations EVER. Around 32 members of my family gathered in Hyderabad in ONE HOUSE for four days and that part of the vacation was the most incredible. It was nice to see all my cousins again and have our usual discussions and teasing sprees :P. Towards the end, I was just DYING to stay at home :(.
But of course, college had to get in the way.
So yeah, now I'm back here and officially a Second year student.
But I am not as happy to be back as I thought I would be. Things have changed now. People have changed.
It's hard to adjust to everything all at once... But I'm trying my best. Sometimes it's just easy to go with the flow, yeah?
But moving back to hostel is like jumping into a whirlpool. I get sick of the bitching and the politics. And being back in college kinda makes me feel all alone :/. I mean, I have my friends here and everything....but still.
It's not home T_T.
And all our stuff was moved into another room. I HATE it when people move my things without asking me >.<. And even more when they don't take care of it. I mean, seriously?? I lost my bucket and all my toiletries and a towel. I found my first year portfolios...But not my models :(. And i'd spent so much time on them :'(.
And the worst part is we're getting work and deadlines to submit it all...but we're not even settled into our rooms yet and so have no place to work. The first week of college has been so hectic and I'm so so so SO exhausted X|.
It's just kinda depressing to be back in college. Thinking of all the work that we'll have to do. The holidays didn't seem long enough :/.
But then there's something to look forward to. Our juniors will be coming this year. Which means new friends and hopefully more fun in hostel :).
Right now, I guess I'm at that phase where I don't know who my friends are. Deciding whose opinions are worth my time and whose aren't. It's a little hard to decide whether I care or not about what people think. But sometimes that makes me feel like a jerk. Things might matter and things might not.
I just don't know anymore. 
Let's see what happens.
Song on my mind: Hero of War- Rise Against. The video made me cry. REALLY deep.

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