Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back from the dead...

I know I haven't posted in forever....
I guess I've just been busy and lazy.... more lazy than busy, actually. Plus, things are moving so fast these days, there's barely enough time to keep track :/
Anyway, it's the summer hols again and I'm back in the gulf, with my family :D
It's been a pretty dull vacation so far... Nothing much to do at home except eat god food and grow fat, watch MasterChef and catching the occasional episode of various other serials (Suits, One Tree Hill, Greek, Summerland....and some others, the names of which I can't really remember).
And then I'm also going through a wholly renewed Harry Potter phase... reading all the books again, and fanfictions, downloading fan-art.... etc.etc.
I even watched A Very Potter Musical online... It's hilarious XD
Lauren Lopez <3 br="" nbsp="">

Oh and I've been working on Photoshop a lot.... Finally got the hang of the pen tool -.- Man, it's a pain in the butt. I'm thinking of seriously starting a portfolio.... My work needs a lot of work (Lol :P) but I'll get there eventually, I guess... Plus I'm interning again so I get a lotta free time in the office to mess around on Photoshop....
These are some of my original drawings, edited on PS. Tell me what you think? :) I still need a lot of practice in shading.... But I'm getting there I guess.

Anywho.... I gotta get back to work now. There's no guarantee I'll be posting very often... But I'll try. I might turn this into a sketchblog :P
Song on my mind: Pompeii-Bastille <3 nbsp="">

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