Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Back! Kinda.

It has come to my notice that my last post on this website was over four months ago. I deeply apologize for my absence.
I had stuff to do.
Okay, news updates.... What's been going on in my Oh-so-interesting life. (Yay! Another list :D I love making these! :P ) And they will be FULL of pictures, because I express better that way. And I'm too lazy to type ^^.

1. I went to the UK this summer :D And I LOVED the place. We travelled to London, Windermere and Scotland. I have fallen IN LOVE with the place. I am planning to settle there someday, atleast for a while. I have never been to such a vibrant place. Seriously, I got whiplash from all the interesting stuff I saw EVERYWHERE.
I even have this UK flag box shirt which I LOVE.
I take weird selfies. It's kinda my thing B|

2. This picture would sort of describe my life right now...

It's a mixture of

(I'm at the Age 22 phase, btw)

and then
Again. -.-.

So then I decided to try

When in reality, it went something like...

SO then, I decided...

And have accepted the fact that...

Now you all understand just how much time I spend on the internet. I'm pathetic -.-

3. Architecture is eating my brains.
A skinny guy version of me. It kinda captures the essence of my soul right now.
I don't know what I'm doing here. Really. And it's depressing the heck outta me. I feel inferior to everyone because I always seem to know less. Maybe because I spend all my time in class doodling. But it's so hard to find it in me to pay attention to stuff I'm not interested in. And then on top of having to DRAG myself through this course, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, I have to put up with my new Pinterest obsession.
And due to this new found love, I am discovering a whole lot of OTHER things I AM interested in, hence weakening my resolve to work harder on my architectural studies. I mean, why research Pile Foundations when I can check out Disney fanart on Deviantart, right?

I suck.

Aargh, I don't know what to do.
And the worst part is, I can't even drop out or anything. I'm stuck RIGHT in the MIDDLE of this stupid course, with two and a half years behind me, and two and a half years to go -.-.
I'll probably snap one day and go on a killing spree. I dunno.
I want chocolate.

4. I found this new youtuber I LOVE, Lily Singh or Superwoman.

She is BEYOND hilarious. I absolutely love her. I've watched some of her videos so many times that I can quote her, word for word. And Indian kids ESPECIALLY can relate, you know?
Pfft -.-
SO that's basically life right now.
Yay -.-
Song on my mind: Growl-Exo.... The video is so awesome :D The entire dance was a oone take thing :D


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