Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's been a while since i've been here...but i have a good excuse ( always do:P ). Exams have been ruining my life since the 4th of december and i could use a little r&r...I've got black circles under my eyes for crying out loud!!! And for a school-going teen, that is NOT good ( don't think there's anyone it is good for...)....

So to relax during these times of immense stress and strain (*groan* oh lord, physics has taken its toll...), i've found out that there are some really good ways to relax without overdoing it on the straining our eyes.

Music, my friends, is the answer. Sweet,sweet music is one way to forget (for a short but blissful study break of 10 or so minutes) that tomorrow, you may face doom at the evil hands of Dr.Organic chemistry and Prof.Projectile Motion...

So here's a list of songs I've found very calming and rejuvenating:-
1.Speed of Sound-Coldplay
2.Great spirits(from the animated movie, Brother Bear)-Phil Collins
3.I'm on my way(also from Brother Bear....hard to find the English version though...but the Japanese version does just as well:) )
4.How to save a life-The Fray
5.Take a bow-Rihanna
6.Black or white-Michael Jackson
7.Oh Shanthi Shanthi(from the tamil movie, Vaaranam Aayiram)-S.P.B Charan
8.Carry you home- James Blunt
9.It's you- Super Junior
10.21 guns-Greenday
11.Wake me up when September ends-Greenday
12.Don't believe in love-Dido
13.Life for rent-Dido
14.White Flag-Dido
15.I gotta feeling-Black eyed peas
16.Bulbula-Sunidhi Chauhan
17.Mere Sang-Sunidhi Chauhan
18.Hai Junoon-Sunidhi Chauhan
19.Taare Zameen par-Shankar Mahadevan
20.Maa-Shankar Mahadevan
21.Fireflies-Owl city and Adam Young
Along with these were a bunch of songs by Kelly Clarkson, One Republic and Nickelback(some of my fave artists...)....
So, here's to all my fellow students who have exams coming up....hope y'all find this list helpful...(and just so you guys know...i totally sympathise with you guys...):)

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