Friday, January 29, 2010

So...I've decided to change my blog background.
I really like the whole 'Fall Fun' background n hearder and all...but they're just not me. They say things like 'Elegant', 'Sophisticated' and 'Autumn'...but that's not me.
Me? I'm more a 'go-with-the-flow' person...laid-back, don't-care-ish, art-loving, childish (a lot of the time), super-sensitive at times, and as thick-skined as a rhinoceros otherwise, sentimental, adaptable and...a bit of a psycho. My mind wanders a LOT and sometimes, i walk into a room wth this fixed purpose in mind, a slight slip in focus distracts me, and the next moment, I'm standing there blankly, trying my best to remember why I'd walked into that room in the first place. My sister calls it early Alzheimers...:P...So i guess I'm a bit of a bubble-head:P
So i'm going to change ot to something that suits me more....too bad they don't have any 'chocaholic' or 'anime-lover' wallpapers...those would fit me to a T...;)

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