Sunday, November 14, 2010

Right, so as I was saying yesterday, I realized eight months and no friends later, that maybe i should stop feeling so guarded and resentful, and maybe get to know the girls in my class who I had distanced from myself, despite their attempts to be friendly. I'd figured that maybe I was thinking the wrong way, b assuming that I would only make friends who would forget me or that I'd forget eventually. Life doesn't work that way...sometimes you meet people who touch your lives and leave a mark, like an ink drop in a glass of water. They may change you, or you may change them....but whatever the case, you'll always remember them.And so I broke that shell around me, an the difference it made in my life was AMAZING! I got to know all of them better and I'm really glad I decided to bring down the walls! Three of us went skating the other day and had oodles of fun!!! One of the best days of my life! Love you guys^_^!

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