Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wow....I've been meaning to blog for so long but somehow I really could NOT manage to find the time. Things have been WAYYYY stressful the last one month or so and these days I find myself completely EXHAUSTED.
So I have a LOT i want to write but the thing is I've always found it easier to talk to a single person rather than to a whole crowd of people. I even address my diary as Diary-chan and write as if I were talking to a 'her' and not an 'it'.
So from now on, you will be a person, Blog. Now all I gotta do is think up a name for you. That will make getting that maelstrom of my feelings all out a whole lot easier.
I hope....
So anyway, I'll give you your name in the next entry.
So 2010 is A whole year's passed. I always feel weird at every new year. It's like I can't believe that a whole year has passed since I last celebrated new year.....Man, time sure does fly whether you're having fun or not. It makes me feel almost I want to grab onto those passing moments and hang on for dear life...wishing that they didn't slip away that fast.
New Year wasn't great...but then that wasn't totally unexpected....I AM in the 12th grade after there's bound to a lot of pressure and stress...I cried on New Years Day, so I get the feeling that this year's not going to be all that great for me...I'm one of those worrywart, superstitious people I guess...*shrug*
So any way, I guess I gotta go now. I have an English exam tomorrow and I'll need some shuteye before I get to school. Lately, it feels like all I'm ever doing is studying or attempting to. It's driving me NUTS!
Anyway, I don't really want to talk about that....

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