Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Art Blog

Okay, you know how I'd earlier blogged that I'd make a new blog? One where I'd publish my sketches (in the hopes that someone will see them and offer me a scholarship somewhere. -.- I swear, the things I dream up sometimes.... -.-)?
Well, I made one ^^....
But unfortunately, I haven't had time to put up any of my sketches yet.... Most of them are in one of my Facebook albums and I've done a few more once I came back to India (WAY too much free time, and NOTHING better to do :/). So when I'm allowed some online time, I'll put up some of the drawings :). They're just simple pencil sketches, nothing fancy....
But I STILL can't help feeling a teensy bit proud of them :P. Just a wee bit....
So yeah, for those of you who are interested....and anyone out there who may be able to offer me a free scholarship in an art school (*inner-Maya facepalms*).... please check it out at http://soulsketches-maya.blogspot.com :)
There are no drawings as yet....but I'll keep putting them up as they come. Most of them are done on notebook paper (done in school or tuition classes, when I figured I had better things to do than listen to the teacher drone on about things I didn't care about). Some are just rough sketches that I've done when I was bored. Which makes a LOT of rough sketches, seeing as I'm almost ALWAYS bored....-.-
Peace :)
Song on my mind: I My Me Mine-4 Minute (K-pop <3)

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