Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Despicable me ^^

I've cleaned out the cupboards where I used to keep all m schoolbooks, and I landed up with a four foot high stack of old notebooks, exam papers and worksheet. And as tempted as I was to chuck the whole lot in a coupla trash bags and throw them all out, while cackling madly, my mom had some better plans for them >:).
Apparently, my old Math tuition teacher's daughter has just started her 11th grade...and she (more like her MOM, actually) would very much like to have my books so that she won't have to go to a tutor.
The thought of a dumping AAAAAAAALL the books I've used and tests I've done in the last two years on a poor unsuspecting 11th grader just filled me with this evil glee. So I got to the task hup-hup, cackling madly (where's the fun in sadistic pleasure if it's not accompanied by crazy evil laughter?) and in maybe twenty minutes, it was all packed and ready to be given away ^^.
And ANOTHER plus point is all the free space I now have in my room. I didn't realise how much space all my books took up before o.O.
Still crazy happy though :D

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