Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am SO SO SO angry right now. And generally, it's not a good idea for me to write when I'm angry because of the kind of language I use.
But I will because I am upset and need to get this off my chest.
Okay so the whole college thing is WAY out of my control now. I was SO looking forward to going to Manipal University (Man U, Manchester United.... sorry, just a connection I made) where I'd be with my friends and stuff, 'cos it seems like half of Kuwait is going there. But yeah, JUST because I got a good rank in my AIEEE exam, my mom figured Manipal wasn't good enough and that there were far better colleges I could get into. So yeah, Manipal University down the drain :'/.
And I'm NOT happy about it.
But I guess it's like my mom said... College isn't about who you're with.... it's about what you learn and where you are. I don't like it but it seems to make sense >.<.
And it's not like I'm getting any sympathy here.... >.<. I have this hysterical glee from my mom's side because of my marks and AIR which I can't bear to spoil THAT much, because I know I'D be crazy happy if I were a mom and my kid did well in his/her college entrances... Also there's this weird reaction from some of my friends which is SERIOUSLY driving me up the wall. It's NOT MY FAULT I can't come, okay?! I WANTED to, more than they know it, but yeah, it's not like I can DO anything about it now
I'm planning to stay off Facebook for a while, 'cos I really don't need the kind of treatment I'm getting. They can all gang up and be mean to someone ELSE while I'm away.
P.S: Also, a REALLY REALLY REEEEEALLY BIG thanks to Namini and Keerthy, for sitting through my ranting sessions patiently and bravely without freaking out and running away. 'Cos I'm kinda scary when I rant... It would be wrong to call them my 'shoulders to cry on' 'cos I'm not much into the whole shoulder-crying thing, yeah?
Thank You, Namini
Thank you, Keerthy :).

Oh and I'm planning to start this whole song-on-my-mind thing, where I can tell you guys which song has been playing in my mind today.
Song on my mind today: Thank you by Dido....
And INCREDIBLE song. My new favourite (for the next few hours, atleast ;) )

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