Friday, June 3, 2011

Okay, maaaaaaaaaaybe I've been taking it a little too hard with the guitar-playing 'cos now my fingers are so sore I can only type with one hand. On the plus side however... I got new guitar picks and they look AWESOME!!! \m/ XD. I was actually planning to buy another one, maybe black or something, and somehow poke a hole through it and wear it as a locket ^^.
I've also learnt to play a few songs.....well, not all that well, but I can sorta play them so it counts :P. Guitar isn't AS hard as I thought it would be.... :). The only thing I find REALLY hard is switching chords... THAT takes a little time to get the hang of ....
So anyway, I was thinking of starting a new blog. An Art blog, like all these other graphic design, illustration and animation blogs I find on Blogspot.
I know art blogs are started by real ARTISTS...and I'm not stupid enough to claim I'm one. I'm just a jobless girl who loves to draw more than anything else in the world. Gimme a pencil, some paper and play some good music, and I'll be the happiest person alive :).
So yeah, I'm thinking of starting one....but I'm not too sure. I mean...all illustrators and designers have to start SOMEWHERE right? Maybe someone will see my drawings, like them and offer me a scholarship in some design school?
-.- And while I'm dreaming, I'll just include a dog. This man will also get me a puppy. Because he FELT like getting me a puppy. And because I really Really REALLY want one :(.
Peace :/

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