Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Okay, yesterday was just one of those days..... Know what I mean?
It felt like almost EVERYONE I knew was just....I dunno... GOADING me. And plus there was that lack of edible food (read:junk food) in the house which kinda worsened my already oh-so-pleasant temperament.
So the evening brought on a maelstrom of feelings, most of which were from the negative side of the emotional spectrum, so yeah....yesterday was not one of my best.... :/
But on the brighter side... My bro took me out today to this book fair and I bought my own Manga novel :). My very first one ever. And I'm going to snarl at anyone who comes within a two metre radius of it :P.
It's a cool story, called Last Hope. I've just got the first chapter, but the drawings are AWESOME! And all of a sudden I wanna be a manga artist :P. Ah well, I could always start practicing. Oh and I'm in LOVE with this cute puffball-cat-spider-thingy from Last Hope. It's called Hiccup and it is ADORABLE >.
Last Hope is

Peace ^^
Song on my mind: Fingers-Pink \m/

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