Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hey, it's been a while, I guess.
I'm finally back in India, for good this time. And the weather here in Ernakulam is absolutely PERFECT ^_^!!! I mean, it's all sunny and warm but there's this AWESOME breeze that blows right through the house. I'm liking it :D
So anyway, what I thought is that now that schools AND entrances and stuff are over, I'd have a LOT of free time to write and draw and stuff, but that's not what's happening here >.<. I'm ALWAYS busy, but when I think back on it, I don't really remember what I've been doing. So yeah, I'm just gonna assume they were things of little interest to me, or I'd remember them right?
Today, my friend, Reshma, came over... Well, 'Friend' would be too tame a word to describe her... I've known her since 3rd grade and she's more like a sister to e. An older, WAY WAY WAY cooler, karate-learning, k-pop loving, anime-watching sister with an incredible voice :) And YES, I ADORE her ^^.
We spent the WHOLE day together. And it was FUN ^^. We swam (well, more like drifted...the pool in the apartment here is awesome, but not deep. And besides, she STILL can't swim :P), and that brought back a WHOLE lotta memories about us going swimming as third-graders. She was always scared that my dad would maybe push her into the deep end, so she always stuck around the ladder, ready to bolt if he came too close :P
That's how my dad taught me and a bunch of other people to swim..... He just grabbed us and shoved into the deep end :P....We doggy paddled to the other side and Voila! We'd learnt to swim....Sure it was terrifying, but what the heck :P.
So anyway, Reshma and I FIRST made friends in the third grade. I don't remember exactly how we became friends but I remember her sticking up for me when I was being bullied by this group or REALLY mean third-grade girls. And yes, there ARE third grade girl bullies.... -.-
We hung out more often after that.... A lot of memories of her involve playing 'Spies', and cycling and skating in Salwa Garden, walking the dogs at FIVE in the MORNING, teaching my little sister how to write her name (cos she was only four or something back then), dance classes (bharatanatyam), countless sleepovers....The list goes on :).
And then, after fourth grade, Reshma left Kuwait and we barely kept in touch. But wen I used to visit her in India during the summer holidays, it used to be JUST like old time :). But then we lost contact...
We started chatting again maybe a year or so ago, and now we're closer than before (if that's possible, that is :P)... and today we met after maybe....four, five years?
I'm happy. Deliriously happy. REALLY REALLY REALLY happy :)
You get the picture?
Peace ^^
P.s: The weather is so awesome I want to camp outside under the stars... but it's just when I plan things like this that unexpected things heavy showers at two in the morning. So maybe I'm better off staying indoors, huh?
Oh yeah, Song on my mind today: Cry Me A River-Justin Timberlake....The way he says, " I heard it from HIM' makes me laugh :P