Monday, April 11, 2011

To Akiva

A few things I would never EVER tell my 8th grade sister (because I'm such a proud jerk) but have decided to due to reasons I'll keep to myself :-
1. She is obviously the favourite daughter :P....I mean, it's pretty OBVIOUS, right?
2. It is almost ALWAYS me who has finished the last piece of chocolate/last slice of pizza/last packet of chips. Almost. So consider this point an apology for all such future occurrences, 'cos they will KEEP happening for a loooooooooooooong time.
3. She is (again, obviously)more skilled in the kitchen (If your reading this,Akiva, I'd suggest you wipe that self-satisfied smirk off your face, ya li'l brat....:P). Now I'm not a great chef....but atleast I'm not a horrible one either right? Right?
4. I know I can be a REEEEEALLY horrible person sometimes and I usually use her as my punching bag when I'm upset. So here's another apology for these times which may or may not occur in the future (because, you know, I'm going to college and everything.... :S ). But I want you to know that you being there really helped me to stay sane^^....especially during the boards. Maybe I yelled at you, and was a jerk for no reason whatsoever and you took it quietly and I want you to know how much I appreciate that.
5. You are WAYYYY cooler than I was at you age what with your awesome language and smartass wit and I take full credit for that. Thank you, Thank you very much*bows, flying kisses at audience*
6. Our 'oh-so-sensible' ninja talks, plans of world domination, schemes to overthrow the government etc. are what have kept me from spiraling into insanity over the years. Ironic isn't it? The (obviously) insane preventing Insanity?:P
7. I also appreciate the times when you play the older sister and rein me in. Sometimes I need that whack over head with a cast-iron frying pan. I enjoy the fact that you occasionally let me play the younger sibling. It's fun to be the little kid again^^....after all those lectures on responsibility and whatnot-.-
8. I'm sorry for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL the times you've been yelled at or have gotten into trouble, when I was the one at fault.
So anyway, there are a lot more points I would add, if I were a little less lazy....but I'm not so.... this is all you'll get. I've been in India less than a week, and I already find myself losing my temper more often and WAY more stressed out than usual, and always Always ALWAYS irritated for no apparent reason. And that just irritates me further....So in all, not a very happy/comfortable situation and I get the feeling it's because we can't talk all that much anymore.
So I just want to say I miss you^^ *cue sappy music*
OOooookay, moment over^^ *cue Give it all-Rise Against*
War RESUMES!!!!! :P :P :P

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