Friday, April 22, 2011

You know, it rained yesterday afternoon. It was the first shower I experienced since I first came to chennai, and it. Was. AWSOME. I got TOTALLY drenched and loved every single second :)....... Though there WAS that part where I got yelled at 'cos I was walking around with sopping wet hair and clothes. The usual 'YOU'RE GOING TO COME DOWN WITH PNEUMONIA BECAUSE OF WHICH YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO WRITE YOUR EXAMS WELL!!!"-.-
Yeah, LIKE that would be such a bad thing....I mean, It's not like my HEALTH is on the line or anything right? But my marks? Yeah, THAT'S even MORE important.......-.-
Oh, and a friend told me that the weather here is going to get EVEN hotter......
Great. Just what we need, here in the land of Hot and Humid -.-...........
But till then I'm going to enjoy these storms....The whole of last night, I could hear the rain outside and the sky kept lighting up, so that for a second, it looked like day, and then the next second, it was pitch black again...:)
VERY cool....^_^

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