Sunday, April 10, 2011

To Light

Dear Light,
You are technically the first follower I got. One I don't know, that is... The other three include two of my best friends and my sister, who are sorta obliged to follow my blog. So I'd like to thank you, for inspiring me, and giving me confidence. When I saw you followed my blog, I realised maybe there WAS somebody out there (NOT obliged to follow my blog for fear that I'd whup their butts:P) who enjoyed reading what I wrote. You will inspire me to better myself and my writing. So thank you. Arigato gozaimasu^^!


  1. im not obliged to follow you...i do cuz i like your blog...:) stop whinig and suck up....atleast u have people hu are obliged to foolow you...i have one godamm follower....YOU!!1.......

  2. I like your blog too sista, n I'm not obliged to follow....but I'd whup ur ass if u didn't follow mine sooo......:P

  3. hi,Maya..that's really sweet of u to post this.. it makes me feel appreciated..! so,thanks a l0t..
    n..i got to say..your blog is awesome..
    it's my honour to be your 1st(techincally..i dun mind) follower..i love the way u express yourself n your feeling..;)
    so keep on writing n i'll be your loyal follower ^_^
    may ur days seize the pure essence of the blessing u already have (*_*)