Saturday, April 30, 2011

To my Girls,

Today, I spoke to a few of you for the first time in what seems like forever. Yes, I KNOW I was supposed to be doing online AIEEE math papers for my big, SCARY exam tomorrow, but SO many of you were online, that I couldn't help it. I just HAD to talk to you all. I was tagged in a class photo, 12 A, ICSK Senior, the 2011 12th grade batch. Do you people even KNOW how hard it is to look at that photo? Okay...maybe you do. You girls have been there longer, and you would probably miss it more.
I don't like to cry. It embarrasses me when I cry in front of others. So if EVER I want to look at that photo, I'd have to lock myself in the bathroom, and bawl my head off (quietly) in there, wait till my eyes weren't red anymore (a tip to make them white again quickly:fan them and think happy thoughts :P) and then only would I venture out again. If anyone asked, I'd say I had a stomach ache and attribute any remaining eye redness to pollen allergy (I'm not allergic to anything, as far as I know) or whatever believable excuse I can come up with at that moment.
I miss you all SO much, it's almost physically painful. Even though I've known you lot for only 6 months or so. No matter how much I immerse myself in what I like doing: Facebooking, Reading, Drawing..... it still doesn't make up for the time I'm missing out on with you. I'd rather be hanging out with you girls, planning stupid stuff like car thefts (:D), ways to overthrow the government etc. and annoying the crap out of you (you HAVE to admit, it's kinda fun :P), rather than being stuck here alone.
I have my brothers. They mean the world to me. But they're NOT you guys. I can't joke about my teachers or any classroom incidents that may have happened, 'cos you need to be there to understand it and see the humour in the situation. They would laugh,but it wouldn't be the same. It would be WAYYYY more fun if all of you were there.
So anyway, we SHOULD take my suggestion seriously (for ONCE -.-), and plan a BIG outing with ALL of us. And I don't mean a trip to the mall. Maybe a road trip? Or a cruise?
Yeah, yeah, I KNOW we don't have the money for that and all those OTHER mean little details would also have to be taken into consideration....but who says it has to be done immediately? We have YEARS ahead of us ^^. I'll start planning right away. Maybe we can ditch our parents and fly to Egypt or South Africa (:P). Though if y'all want, we can start small, with a trip to the mall :).
I'm not sure if I'll see any of you again unless this road-trip thing really happens, but I'll tell you all now: I WANT A REUNION. Guaranteed. So we'll make a deal...I'll plan the road-trip, and you 27 plan the reunion?
Love you guys SOOOO much!!!!! :*

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