Sunday, May 1, 2011

Me?!?! EMO?!?!
I think NOT....-.-
I have been called emo around 5 times in the last four days. And it's worrying me.
As far as I know, I am NOT emo. I like how emo people dress, and they have cute hair and all, but they are just too......morbid inside. And the Emo Blobs are just too ADORABLE ^_^. I'm too.....goofy (-.-) to be called Emo, and my friends should know that. I'm all about the sunshine and daisies, yo!!! :P
Seriously. I'm just too happy to be called emo.
Most of the times, atleast ^^.
There HAVE been some points in my like where I'd considered doing some really extreme things. Thinking back to those times,I feel kinda disturbed at how dark my thoughts used to be. Reading my old journals, I realise I was one CYNICAL 10th grader. Sure, went to school, laughed, and had an awesome time with my friends [who I miss like hell :( ]. But when I read the entries in my journal during those times, I'm kinda surprised at how often I was depressed.
Well, anyhoo....As I said before, now I'm as happy as a bumblebee...Hear how they hum?
^_^ Peace

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