Monday, May 16, 2011

Home again :)

Aaand I'm back home in Kerala. And happy to be here, might I add :).
It took a whole 12 hours by train and car (inclusive of a few visits we had to pay along the way) to get home. Stuck with a hyperactive, INCREDIBLY talkative 14-year old and a sympathetic, yet unhelpful 17-year old for TWELVE FREAKING HOURS. Yeeeeah... NOT something I want to experience again -.-.
14 decided he had to fill EVERY silent moment with talk, to ward off his boredom. It didn't matter if what he said made sense or not, he'd just say whatever he wanted to anyway -.-. 17 sat quietly, listening to him, occasionally asking him to shut up. Then there were times where they'd put their heads together, whisper a pervy joke and both of them would crack up. I suffered dirty looks from people on the train for ALL eight hours of the journey -.-.

Also, I brought my new guitar here. It felt cool carrying it in its case slung over my shoulders like a backpack :). A big, HEAVY, weirdly-shaped, fragile backpack. Only drawback was AAAAAAAAALL the people in the station giving me weird looks -.-. I had the desperate urge to yell,"FOR GOD'S SAKE,PEOPLE...IT'S JUST A GUITAR!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE ALL OF Y'ALL LOOKING AT?!?!" (or maybe... "NOBODY MOVE,I HAVE A BOMB!!!" :P. It was just this CRAZY urge. It took a LOT of willpower to ignore it :D)

*sigh* Buuut, I didn't. I just wanted a nice, quiet trip with no problems.

And now, I'm back home. And it feels AWESOME to be here. This place, in MY opinion is a quazidillion times better than Chennai, though my brothers think otherwise. I mean, even the AIR here smells different. In Chennai, it was so humid, we could barely smell anything. Here you can smell so many things. It smells like India....and I LOVE it :). I haven't been to this place in two whole years! It feels awesome to see my grammie and grandpa again :).

This place has changed a bit, but not much. The house has had a new paint job, so AAAALL those cricket ball marks on the walls are gone, and with them, a bunch of memories of playing cricket here with my gang of cousins. I feel kinda sad, seeing those clean walls. The house looked better before. ALL those marks had given it personality and this 'lived-in' look... :/.

Oh well, I'm here for around three days more till I go back to Kuwait. There's always time to mess it up a bit :P.

Seeing everything again makes me feel so happy, but at the same time, a little sad. This house holds SO many memories. I went upstairs to where I used to sleep before. I touched my old desk again, and remembered ALL the holiday homework I was forced to do, sitting there. My brothers and I played a short game of cricket (and started the process of memorifying the wall again :P). It felt amazing to stand on the same warm concrete of out courtyard again, and to see the familiar cracks i used to trace with my toes as a child. It felt amazing to sit on the red front steps with my brothers and drink our evening tea, like we'd done countless times before. It felt amazing to see the trees here. Everything here is so...GREEN! It's not like modern Chennai, with all its buildings and lights. It's more in the country... It felt great to go up to the roof again, and just sit up there in the evening breeze and look at Mt.Dhoni of the Western Ghats. I've walked up and down the road in front of the house barefoot, as I've done MANY times before to retrieve wildly-hit cricket balls from other houses or the gutter( yes, the gutter-.-). It felt awesome, 'cos every prick of pain in my feet brought back memories. I went and petted Bruno, the daschund next door, 'cos he's a darling, and I love his eyes. I've tasted my first mangoes and jackfruit in a long time, after I got here, and no other taste can compare to this: the taste of 17 years' worth of memories. I slid down the short wooden staircase banister, with all it's swirls and woody patterns again (when nobody was around) like I'd done MANY times before, just to remember how it felt. I found AAAAAALL my old storybooks, which I've read and re-read every summer I'd spent here, and there are a LOT of them :P. I found Tebby, the teddy bear I used to sleep with when I was maybe 6...and I have NO idea what he's doing here, but I gave him a hug, and promised him that I would sleep with him tonight. You know, for old times' sake :). I've gone into EVERY room in the house and blown a kiss into every one. Because I've missed this place. ALOT. And I'm upset I'm only going to be here for 4 days or so :/.

The nostalgia is so heavy, I can almost taste it. And it tastes like the guavas we grow in the backyard.



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  1. That's some heavy shit right there. o.O