Monday, May 2, 2011

Things to do before we turn 30 :D

Okay, a few days after the boards got over, Namini came over to my place for this sleepover. We had AWESOME fun, stayed up the WHOLE night (against my parents' wishes, of course ;) ) doing the regular sleepover stuff like watching movies(accompanied by our own dialogues and commentary ;)...the MOST fun part of the whole movie-watching thing), eating chocolate, talking, taking photos, facebooking, shopping etc.
So anyway, by 3 in the morning, we'd already finished almost all there was to do, and had talked about almost everything under the sun. We'd even picked up this cool (read:weird :P) arabic accent and some arabic phrases from Oded Fehr who plays Ardeth Bay (who is INCREDIBLY cute,btw :D), a member of the Medjai, in The Mummy. It's an ancient film but I hadn't seen it before so we decided to watch it.
So we decided to make a list. Both of us are 'Make-Lists' kinda people. This is what we came up with. It's a completey RETARDED list, but every time I read it, I laugh till I cry. I miss you, NJ... And we WILL do these things ;). No matter HOW crazy they might be >:).
Things to do before we turn 30 :-
1. Steal a car.
2. Go on a few road trips (atleast one Indian road trip MANDATORY. 'Cos India ROCKS :D!)
3. Streak our hair.
4. Flirt shamelessly with a cute waiter/salesman (that was totally random, but it sounds fun :D)
5. Go to Egypt together (again) and do EVERYTHING we did last time, including going on the three day cruise on the Nile Admiral, stay at Basma Hotel and buy LOADS of stuff at Khan Al Khalili market, among others.
6. Take Salsa lessons
7. Get our own place (:D).
8. Go to a concert and FREAK out, inclusive of screaming and getting those cool glowy rod thingies.
9. Go camping beside a lake (again, random, but still...) up a mountain.
10. Join a riot :D.
11. Do volunteer work at an NGO.
12. Get thrown out of a movie theatre. It'll be a cliched, sappy romance flick and we'll be standing up in our seats, throwing popcorn at the screen and yelling things like, " YOU IDIOT! Don't walk away!!! She LOVES you, GODAMMIT!!!" XD
13. Learn to play an instrument PROPERLY. Not just in bits and pieces like we already do :P.
14. Walk on the beach at night with someone we love.
15. Get two lovebirds together.
16. Yell profanities at my boss after I get fired/before quitting a sucky job. You know, for dramatic effect..... :D.
17. Get a tattoo ;)
18. See Paris. In all it's beautiful nighttime splendour.
19. Hijack a gondola in Venice ;). We'll shove the boatman off, close to the edge of the canal (just in case he can't swim or something), and make off with his gondola. Of course we'd have to return it later, but we'd first wander around with it. (Note to self: Learn how to steer a gondola :P)
20. Learn to speak a new language PROPERLY.
21. Go on a long expensive cruise.
22. Visit and donate stuff to an orphanage.
23. Go to a casino and make faces at the bouncers :P.
24. Set off a fire alarm, just for fun.
25. Learn to do the shuffle, and get clothes like the people in the Party Rock Anthem music video by LMFAO. My ABSOLUTE FAVE MV (for the moment, atleast ;) ).
There WERE more, but I've just posted the ones I could remember. I left the real list back home in Kuwait :(. It's nice to remember all the nutty times ^^. I miss you, NJ!!! Love ya, girl!
This is a poster we made. Will keep it for EVER and EVER :).