Saturday, May 7, 2011


Totally Random thought-carp that have been swimming around in my Japanese brainpond. The ones that I managed to catch, that is...

1. I want to go surfing. I don't know why, but I just do. I've always LOVED the ocean. I think it's because it's Blue is my absolute favourite colour. Well, teal to be exact, and that's the colour of the ocean most of the time. I've ALWAYS sorta....gravitated towards blue things. The ocean, and the sky , and blue stationary being a few of them.

2. Surprisingly, I'm also attracted to the colour, Pink. Which is weird, 'cos I've never been a pink person. But there's just something about certain shades like Magenta, and Skittle pink... They're so bright (^^"). I bought skittle-pink nailpolish once. Yeeeah, that helped ALOT with my whole nail-biting problem -.-. I should have maybe thought it out a little more before choosing THAT particular colour...
But at the same time, there are also shades of pink that I find garish and repulsive, like Fuchsia, for example.

3. I just realised.....I'm making lists again-.-.

4. I'm scared of going to college. I don't know how it will turn out. The reason why I want to go to Manipal so much is because, atleast there I will have a few familiar faces I can look forward to seeing. The whole idea of being alone in an unknown place kinda.....well, it terrifies me, to be honest. But if I have a friend or two with me, I'll be okay, no matter where I am, or what the situation may be.

5. I'm upset about my eyesight, and the fact that I'm almost BLIND without my glasses on. I mean, my power is -8, for cryin' out loud!!! I really should have listened when I was (repeatedly) told to not read in bad light, or moving vehicles, to not spend so much time in front of the computer, and to not watch so much TV. I. Am. An. IDIOT. *banging head on wall*
I even wanted to be a pilot, when i was younger, but I was put off when a friend told me that I'd never make one, because of my HORRIBLE eyesight, or whatever's left of it....-.-

6. I hate carrots (which happen to be good for eyes, by the way -.-). And beetroot. And spinach. Popeye's taste buds had probably all rotted away from all the pickles and eggs he'd eaten during his time at sea, which is why spinach was such a great thing for him. he probably didn't taste it at all. Take it from me, kids...Don't listen to that fraud...He's a bigger idiot than I am, and THAT'S saying something....>.<.

7. I drew my first portrait a few days ago...and it turned out pretty sweet, even if I do say so myself....B)

8. Boys' clothes are awesome to wear. I lived in my brother's spare clothes for a couple of days, when we had to unexpectedly stay the night in their apartment. And I was kinda hoping we could stay there longer JUST 'cos it gave me an excuse to wear his clothes. He's got some REALLY cool stuff. I go for comfort over looks, anyday. I could LIVE in basketball shorts and a loose T-shirt, or maybe jeans and a loose T-shirt, but I doubt my mom would let me...-.-. She's already got an issue with my wardrobe being 70% black, and the other 30% mainly dark blue, red and purple.... But black clothes are CUTE! And no, Amma, I am NOT goth...-.-

Yeah, I have nothing else to say. just felt like writing (again), so I decided to put some random stuff down. I LOVE writing ^^. Nothing makes me happier. Except maybe...drawing, and hanging out with my sis, and my friends,listening to music on my iPod... I'm feeling strangely happy. I think it's 'cos my iPod's not dead anymore. I will now leave to listen to some Pink. Best vocal artist EVER.

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