Monday, May 23, 2011

Okay, I KNOW I've blogged WAYYY too much these last two days or so, but I'm just so....RELIEVED, that I can't help it :P. It's like I.. NEED to write. But the only problem is that I have absolutely NOTHING to write about :P. So I will make a list (yes, ANOTHER one...-.-) of random thoughts I've had, and stuff I've done in the last few days or so:-
1. I FINALLY finished this e-book I was reading. Lion's Bride by Iris Johanssen. Kinda cool :). I liked it ^^. It's the first book I've read in a long LONG time :P. I've not read ANY books, except the odd random one for almost a WHOLE YEAR, and it feels weird 'cos books have ALWAYS been a part of my life. And I have this WHOLE folder of e-books, some 220 of them, out of which I have read maybe...... uh....30. Yeah, 30 -.-. I have a LOT of work to do...
I like only certain kind of books. I like funny ones that REALLY make me laugh...and also books which teach you a lot, like Dan Brown. I've also ALWAYS loved Fantasy books ^^". I guess I'm obsessed with Elves for some reason :P.
2. I went SWIMMING ^^. For the FIRST time in maybe 4 YEARS!!! And I LOVED IT^^! The pool in our building is FINALLY complete, aftre like, 3 YEARS of construction -.- :D.
3. I guess that now the whole stress of marks and whatnot are over, I will have a lot more free time to do things I like... I've started alot of things,and I guess I sorta got too enthusiastic about it 'cos now I can't keep track of it all ^^". I've started some (yes, SOME. As in, PLURAL....-.-) language courses on, a sign language course on, and account on DeviantArt (, I FINALLY got a skype account so I can keep in touch with people when I leave... And more. I can't remember them, BECAUSE I have started wayyy too many things -.-. *facepalm*
4. I cut my hair in the bathroom again :P. Just the front, though. My bangs were getting way too long and fell almost till my chin so I thought I'd trim them a bit. Yeah, but I'm kinda new to the whole hair-cutting thing so....yeah....uh.... Now they're PRETTY short 'cos I KEPT trying to get them right ^^". I managed to get it right before I cut them ALL off (thankfully)... -.- *facepalm*. I've cut them in this diagonal razor kinda cut, like these cute emo bangs. I like emo peoples' hair... It ALWAYS look so cute :P.
5. I cleaned out my clothes cupboard.... *shudder* Yeah. NOT something I want to do again -.-. I found some clothes that I'd never even SEEN before which had to be atleast four years old -.-. The task took a WHOLE morning. A morning which I'd rather have spent doing MUCH more fun stuff >.<.
Note to self: Keep cupboard clean from now on.
6. I STILL haven't gotten to hang out with all my friends yet :/. SO I will make them take me out.... 'cos I've been stuck at home for almost TWO MONTHS now, and I need a break. REALLY.
7. I started writing in my jorunal again. It made me realise how much I missed writing in it. I guess, after I started blogging, I've been neglecting it a bit, so I figured, if I can manage AAALL these things I've started online, I can ALSO keep a journal alongside.
Anyhoo, I gotta go now. Chores calleth (-.-)...

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  1. And you don't know what to write about.