Friday, May 13, 2011

Music ^_^

I BOUGHT A GUITAR!!! *excited shriek*
Okay, maybe that's getting a little too ahead of myself (:P), but I'm just so...EXCITED ^_^. I always wanted to play the guitar. I can play a little piano, and I messed around with the drums for a few months... so I know a little bit of both. But I will take the guitar to college with me and learn to play it awesomely...:D
There's this HUUUUUUUUUUGE list of songs I've always wished I could play.
But I guess I have to first work on getting the chords right and everything.... But I'm not complaining. I like to learn :).
So anyway, my new guitar is a Havana Acoustic. A HUGE one, that I can barely hold on my lap. I can already lay notes on it, but I have to lay it flat and play it like a piano :P.
So anyway, I'm going to go and practice now! The first song I want to learn is Lips of an Angel by Hinder, 'cos it's the most amazing song EVER !!!

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