Saturday, May 14, 2011

I miss School (as crazy as it may sound to some people)

By the way, for those of you who don't know, my REAL name is Meghna. Maya is just an alias. One I like ^^. And I've decided, once I'm back in Kuwait, I will find some day when I'm free in the morning. I will wake up at 6, put on my school uniform, like I've done for the last one year, and I will go to school. I will walk into class and sit down, like I have done for the last one year, acting like everything is normal. When asked what the hell I'm doing back there, I will act surprised and confused. The following conversation will take place.
Susan Ma'am: Meghna! What are YOU doing here?!
Me: Huh? Who is this Meghna you speak of? I know no Meghna... I is new foreign exchange student. My name Makenna Zubole. Nice to meet Madam...
Susan Ma'am:.........-.-. Meghna....
Me: Why you keep calling me Meghna Meghna? My name MAKENNA. MA. KEN. NA.

Then Susan Ma'am will stomp off to call security (or whoever teachers call when they want to throw someone outta class :P), and I will grin and wave goodbye to my 11th-grade friends, and hightail it outt there before she comes back.

Just reminding y'all I'm alive, people.
Peace :*