Sunday, May 22, 2011

*faints with relief*

The results are out.....
And you know what? I didn't do too bad :).
The world has suddenly become a nicer place :D. I was FLIPPIN' OUT the WHOLE of last night. Woke up at three in the morning, because I'd pushed my blanket off and my dad had the house at FREAKING minus eight degrees Celsius...-.-. And the FIRST thing I thought when I woke was "Are my results out?" accompanied by *eyes darting around wildly, frantic panicky breathing*.
Then I realised it was three in the morning, and that the results would not be out for another four hours or so -.-. So I lay there TRYING to fall asleep, but the whole results thing just freaked me out WAYYY too much. So here I sit, happy and sleep-deprived, with MUCH better marks than I had expected :).
And the four hours from three AM to seven AM? Yeah, WORST four hours of my life -.-.
So anyway, I feel a lot lighter now :).
I think I will go and do a couple of pirouettes, to try and get rid of this crazy happy feeling. Not that I don't like it, but it's making me giddy :P. I won't be able to think straight the WHOLE of today :P.
I'm also falling asleep on my feet. Gotta go catch some Zs.Peace

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