Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ragnarok... Let me make it through alive. Please, please, please....*praying, eyes tightly shut*

I am a dead woman.
No, I'm serious. Well, maybe not dead YET...but I will be in a few hours :/.
My results are coming out. Tomorrow. And I will know exactly HOW badly I've done in my finals.
But it's no big deal. I mean, these were just THE MOST IMPORTANT EXAMS of my LIFE...-.-. And it doesn't matter if I don't do well in them.... All that's gonna happen is that my WHOLE FUTURE will be ruined....
Yeah, no pressure...-.-
This is INSANE!!! I'm soo SCARED!!! This whole situation sucks :/... I FAIL (I HATE that word....It freaks me out) to understand WHY CBSE has to do this to us students. We should just be told if we've passed or failed ( >.< There's that word again). No need for any marks and percentage nonsense. It would make it SO much easier on the condemned student populace that way. The pressure is UNBELIEVABLE.... I hate result release days >.<. Among the top 3 on the worst-days-of-my-life list -.-.
Peace, Pray for me, y'all! :S

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