Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fruitcake? Me? Yeeeah, maybe...-.-

If I were locked in an empty room, all I need to prevent myself from spiraling into insanity is a notebook and a pencil.
AAAND a sharpener and an eraser if we're going to be all practical about it and look at all the tiny little details. Which, I've noticed, I tend to do a LOT. I've been called a 'Bloody Perfectionist' by my best friend, and a 'Neat-freak' by my sister more number of times than I can count.
Things I find myself unconsciously doing:-
1. Setting things straight
2. Aligning things. Mats, furniture, books....everything are all perfectly aligned along the floor tile lines etc.
3. Talking/Humming to myself. The humming is okay, relatively normal...but the talking? Yeeeah...not so much.
4. Doodling eyes. EVERYWHERE. Almost all my notebooks are filled with eyes....
5. Walking into a room, and then wondering what the hell I'd come there for.
6. Going up to the roof and watching the clouds.
7. Making lists...-.-
I sound like a mental patient. I wonder if I have Alzheimer's.... Is it possible for it to occur in 17 year olds? Namini thinks I may also have OCD...-.-
And don't even get me started on my attention span, which could be compared to a sparrow's -.-. I'd started this entry, wanting to write about how I LOVE writing, and went on to discuss my mental issues....
Geez, I'm hopeless....*facepalm*
So anyway, let's change the topic. I love Clouds <3 <3 <3... Random, I know, but I DO....
I love watching them, and my name, (not Maya, my REAL name) even means 'Daughter of the Clouds' as I found out a few years ago. They're cool, being able to float along with the breeze and the way they make the sky SO much more interesting to look at. And they bring RAIN <3 <3 <3.... I LOVE.......^^
I have written NOTHING of interest in this entry but I was bored and I felt like writing. RANDOM thoughts are swimming around in my head. I try to catch them but they slip away too fast. Like orange and white carp in a Japanese pond. I have a splitting headache and I didn't get much sleep last night or the previous night. These REALLY freaky nightmares have been disturbing me for a while, and when I wake up, I'm scared and all I remember is a lot of loud noises and flashing lights. It sounds fake and dramatic, I know...but that's how it is. This just emphasises my theory about me being a mental patient -.- . Maybe I should see a doctor....
So anyway, I'm going to go and catch up on the sleep I missed out on last night. My head's KILLING me....-.-

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