Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's REALLY frustrating, when you really Really REALLY want to help someone, 'cos they're down or whatever the case may be, but you can't because of certain reasons. Either they won't freaking LISTEN (-.-) when you try to help, or you're too far away to be of any actual use or comfort. Online chatting is just NOT the same...
It's weird, I've been WAY pissed for tiny tiny reasons, the past week or so, and it's getting annoying. I don't even know WHY I'm always angry. And then in two seconds...I can't remember HAT I was angry about. Mood swings suck, BIG TIME-.-
Plus, I'm staying at my cousin's place for the time being. 16 people(including me) under one roof=MAJOR chaos-.-. Chaos that, though I (sometimes) contribute to it too, gets WAY annoying after a while.
You get TIRED of hearing people bicker constantly in the background. And my two youngest cousins, aged 9 and 11, have accumulated an impressive vocabulary of swear words, and can now cuss like truck drivers. Credit goes to my two OTHER cousin brothers aged 14 and 17-.-. They actually ENCOURAGE the cussing sometimes, and at other times (when I'm around, glaring at them), they act all mature and scold the little ones for swearing. I've decided to just carry around a cast iron frying pan with me and wave it threateningly when they decide the younger kids' language could get a little more colourful...
And then there are the lectures. A few every day. Oh how I ENJOY the lectures.......
NOT -.-.
So I often 'escape' to the upper terrace. It's not ALL that awesome as terraces go. You can't walk there without burning the soles of your feet (and I'm usually not the slipper wearing type), and the view is not that great. But it's a nice place to sit and think. You can sometimes see hawks flying overhead. The houses around are WAY weirdly coloured houses. There's one across the street that's FLUORESCENT orange....-.-
I'm not kidding. I mean, WHAT were those people THINKING?! -.-
And I've realised....ALL I'm doing these days is texting a friend of mine. ALL the time....
My aunt is getting MAJORLY pissed. I have a coupla important exams coming up. Depending on my performance in them, I could get into the college of my choice or do something I hate for the rest of my life, to put it in an adult's words. Frankly, to ME, it does not matter whether I get into Architecture or not. I have a few backup plans in mind, I'd always wanted to do languages, and work as a translator in the UN. Or maybe teach English in a foreign country. Or maybe do visual communications and work in a Magazine (^_^). I don't know.... but i DO know one thing, I WILL enjoy my life. I'll make SURE it turns out awesome. I promise that to myself.


  1. i really like this post..u know..it sounds so true n i think we are in the same shoes..!!
    1 of my bestfriend is having trouble with her life,but when i'm trying to talk,she refuse to listen..she kept the problem to herself,n that hurt me a lot..so,i juz let her know,i will always ready to lend her my shoulder n wipe away her tears..

  2. Yeah, i know right? It's hard when friends don't seem to trust you enough to talk to you....but my friend and I are cool now. Tell me about your friend. She okay?